"If it's not broke, don't fix it!"

This has been Brian's philosophy for both his business and the cars he works on. 30 years in business is a pretty good indication that your doing things right.

Brian has been fixing cars at the corner of Steeles Ave. and Ontario St. since December of 1987. Together with his wife Aileen, they opened their first bays along side the Sunoco station and have been a landmark business in Milton ever since. Brian has always been interested in cars and even drove a stock car as a hobby for seven years prior to opening his business. "You learn more on the track then anything when it comes to performance"

Brian is extremely proud of the business he has grown and maintained over the years. He says excellent service and honesty are the two biggest contributing factors to his long success. "We always try to do our best and anyone can make mistakes but it's only the good ones that who own up and make it right"


Community Involvement

Brian has been a resident of Milton his entire life and is a big believer in positive public relations and giving back to the community. The walls of Brian's Auto Repairs are a mosaic of thank you letters from numerous local charities and house league plaques. So many in fact that they ran out of room years ago and the plaques are now stacked over 100 high.



So if you are looking for good quality work from a local, family run business,  you can count on Brian's Auto Repairs.

Tom Hnatiw - The Toronto Star

Toronto Star's Tom Hnatiw is co-host of The Car Guys TV show and had this to say about Brian and Brian's Auto Repair.

After spending hours in my own shop trying to diagnose a problem I realized I needed a pro to look at it.
I thought of Brian Bell who has a busy auto shop in my home to of Milton. I supposed he came to mind first cause he sponsored my son's baseball team last summer.
I spent an hour in the waiting room while one of Brian's technicians looked over the Honda. During that short time I got a real sense of the lengths that Brian and his wife Aileen go through to make sure their customers are looked after and made to feel comfortable. Looking around his office you can easily see how much Brian loves cars and his community.
He took the time to explain what his technician was doing and brought out the worn part that I obviously overlooked but his technician found right away. Brian gave me a fair price and had had me on my way.
I left with a feeling of appreciation and trust.