For All Your Service Needs

At Brian's Auto Repairs we pride ourselves on being here to help you with all your service requirements. With the latest diagnostic tools, you can trust our professional technicians to quickly and accurately determine the problem and get it fixed on time.  

  • SAFETY INSPECTION – Buying or selling a car and need a MTO certified safety inspection. Come see our skilled technicians.
  • 2/4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT – Extend the life of your tires keep your car running straight and safe with our computerized wheel alignment.
  • COOLING SYSTEM – Why wait for your car to overheat to have your cooling system inspected. Trust Brian’s Auto Repairs to fix only what needs fixing.
  • ENGINE – Engine Check Light on? Or are things just not sounding or running right? Our advanced diagnostic tools and expert technicians can it running like new.
  • OIL & FILTER – Come in for a premium oil and filter change and complete inspection of all your fluid levels.
  • COMPUTER ANALYSIS – Get a complete diagnostic of how your engine is and has been running with our complete computer analysis
  • TUNE UPS/span> – Our modern analytical tools can keep your car running at its top performance and fuel efficiency.
  • QUALITY WORK FOR A REASONABLE PRICE – We know how important your time and money is. That’s why we will get the job done right, quickly and at a competitive price.

  • BRAKES – From simple pad replacement to a complete check of your braking and hydraulic system we can keep your car on the road.
  • EXHAUST – Don’t wait for your tail pipe to dragging behind you to have your exhaust system checked. The environment will thank you.
  • SUSPENSION – Keep your vehicle driving safely by keeping your tires firmly on the road. Come in for a suspension inspection at Brian’s Auto Repairs.
  • TIRES – Great selection of new tires as well as full balancing, rotation and even repairs.
  • TRANSMISSION – Avoid costly repairs and improve performance by having our experts inspect your transmission.
  • ELECTRICAL – Modern cars have far more electronic in them then ever before and you can trust our technicians to know how to fix the issues quickly and accurately.
  • AIR CONDITIONING – Leaks not only effect the performance of your AC but can be bad for the environment as well. If your AC just doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should we can source the problem.
  • STEERING – From simple fluid checks to full replacements, Brian’s Auto Repair can keep your steering system safe and reliable.

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